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4 epic days. 30 heroic speakers

      Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU) is a premier event for Producers, Animators, Game Developers, Concept Artists and 3D generalists. It's a Festival for the fearless. The passionated. The restless. The eager to learn. It's talent having fun. And a rare opportunity to network with the best. Welcome.


here's a glimpse at this year´s

trojan unicorn speakers

From Pixar, Blizzard, Massive Black, Technoimage,
Sutro Studios, Platige, Marvel...

All packed up and ready to go?

This is where the magic happens

Universe, Earth, Europe, Portugal
Lisbon, Setúbal, Troia... Awesomeness

The long beaches, the Sado river estuary, the Roman ruins.
For 4 days the Festival will conquer Troia, a paradise located 50 km south of Lisbon. A place that offers great facilities, cutting-edge technology and breathtaking surroundings. The perfect location to congregate with your peers and have fun in the sun.

What to expect

Any similarity with a conference
is a mere coincidence

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn is a creativity obsessed, technology friendly, fun driven experience.
Expect to be challenged. To a late football match or to a work battle with one of your idols. Expect talks, democlasses, recruitment sessions and many parallel activities that will assure you 4 days of excitement and professional growth.

Be inspired by our speakers

Find your next job

Ignite your career

Rub shoulders with the best

Drink beer and party

Find new clients

Meet new talent

Refresh your skills

Make valuable contacts

Unwind and have fun

Be surprised by our speakers

Find new customers

Refresh your skills

Discover projects first hand

Network and party

Be inspired by our speakers

Make new partnerships

Find business investors

Discover the latest trends

Network and party