Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU) is a premier event for Producers, Animators, Game Developers, Concept Artists and 3D generalists. It's a Festival for the fearless. The passionated. The restless. The eager to learn. It's talent having fun. And a rare opportunity to network with the best. Welcome.
What to expect
Expect to be challenged. Either to an Art Battle with some of your idols or just a friendly football match with the guest artists. Expect talks, demo classes, recruitment sessions and many parallel activities that will assure you 4 days of excitement and professional growth.
Why in Troia?
The mythical atmosphere of Troia is one of the reasons why THU is such a fantastic experience. When we first dreamed of bringing together the giants of the VFX and Animation industry, we imagined a Festival in a professional, creative, friendly environment. A place to come, see and conquer. Troia offers all that: great design, cutting-edge technology, beautiful beaches and the kind of magical ambience that will make your experience at THU unforgettable.
advisory board

THU accomplices from day one. Not only did they believe the festival was possible,
they also helped us dream and envision it as a one of a kind experience.

Afonso Salcedo
Sutro Studios
Loic Zimmerman
Luma Pictures
Serge Birault
José Alves Da Silva

Meet the cavalry that brought the Trojan Unicorn to life.

André Luís
Cátia Domingues
Cláudia Craveiro
Cláudia Ribeiro
Inês Silva
Luís Branco
Pedro Nunes